All About Town


All About Town is a collection of ten short stories from one of Ireland’s most exciting emerging fiction writers. Exploring a range of genres, each story enters the world of a unique character: from the bedroom of a disaffected youth to the desk of a troubled teacher.

This collection of stories is the human reflection of the Georgian and Gothic architecture of Limerick City.

Originally published in local and international journals, they have been revisited and expanded for this new collection. 


The clock tower

One Month. 

A lot can happen in a short space of time. There were thirty-one days in July 2014 like there are in all Julys – Limerick was no different. From the outside, Dolly Roche, Dillon Keyes and Abby Carey lead lives no different from other people either. But just how far can a seemingly common life push the boundaries of the human condition? Behind the quiet eyes of the everyday, how spectacular can those fireworks shine in the mind of the beholder?  

Drawing influence from Modernist and Post-Modernist literature, The Clock Tower is a journey through our everyday experience of reality and the surreal – displaying that within the mind of every person, a colourful and expansive narrative is forever unfolding.